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For State Representative
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Candy Massaroni



Faith. Families. Freedom.

Our district needs leadership that's in-touch with the needs and wants of our citizens. Born and raised in KY, I have lived in Nelson County this past decade while I worked in civil service. Before that, I spent 10 years in the military serving our country with multiple overseas deployments, and now I'd like to serve you in Frankfort.

I decided to run when our local leaders allowed strict mandates and didn't fight for election integrity. As a liberty-minded individual, I believe in smaller government, less taxation, pro-life policies, the 2nd Amendment, and American-first values. I'd be honored to have your vote for State Representative!!


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  • American-First Values

  • Protecting individual freedoms and privacy

  • Lower taxes and less overall spending

  • Preserving our God-given, Constitutional rights

  • Smaller Government

  • Pro-life policies

  • Supporting the 2nd Amendment

  • Defending faith, families, and freedom


Take Back Your Party


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“It is rare to find a person with the courage to serve our country, the desire to serve our Lord, and the heart to serve the people. Candy has all these qualities and more.”

Jeremy Schott, former neighbor

“Candy is a great fit for our representative. She is a hard worker and great Christian that will fight for our needs here in Kentucky and not be swayed in any way."

Joe Reynolds, area resident and longtime friend

“I admire how she always stands up for what is right
and isn’t afraid to fight when needed."

—Lacie, coworker

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“Candy advocated for all of us and never took the easy road if something wasn’t right. She became my mentor and friend."

—Ana K., military coworker


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Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021 — Nelson County resident Candy Hawks-Massaroni will file Wednesday, Dec. 1st, to be a Republican candidate in the May 2022 primary for 50th District state representative. Read more...

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